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Aspiranet REACH Counties of Madera, Mariposa, Mono,
and San Benito
Support Program 

Our mission at Aspiranet REACH is to strengthen and empower adoptive families, provide adoption information, education and support, and help parents access adoption resources.

Now Serving Merced County!

Aspiranet is partnering with CDSS Adoptions Bureau to offer REACH services to post adoption families in Merced County.  This funding is limited to those who have already finalized an adoption and is available to families who either adopted from Merced County or reside in Merced County.  

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While all families experience triumphs and challenges as they grow and change, adoptive families tend to encounter unique challenges.
REACH supports adoptive parents, adolescents and children.

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Aspiranet Foster and Adoption services are founded on the values of Respect, Integrity, Courage and Hope (RICH) and REACH specifically provides Resources, Education, Advocacy, Crisis Intervention, and Hope to adoptive families in Mariposa, San Benito, Madera and Mono Counties.


Together we have one mutual goal: to promote safe and stable families through our services. REACH is guided by the hope that all waiting children find safe, stable and permanent homes. REACH offers adoptive families a unique opportunity to better understand their children, develop parenting skills to meet their needs, and access appropriate resources.


Families who utilize our services report their relationships are stronger and they feel hopeful for their child’s future.


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